TWO Key Factors to Creating Successful Lead Magnets!

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What is a LEAD MAGNET?

A lead magnet is a way to share content with subscribers and potential clients in exchange for their contact information such as their first name and email address to begin and build an email list geared towards fulfilling two main objectives which include:

1.      Attracting people to your product or service.

2.      Positioning those people to purchase your product and service.

Content that is shared as a lead magnet is usually free and informational and sparks the interest of the clients that then leads them to sign up for your email list.

Before we get into the objectives of lead magnets, it is important to know how to create a successful lead magnet first. According to, important factors to creating a successful lead include: knowing your ideal client’s persona, knowing about your competitor’s clients and what the competitors are offering to them. Using these two factors can set you apart from your competition and help you grow a successful business. Let’s get into why these factors are IMPORTANT.

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The FIRST factor to creating a successful lead magnet by knowing your ideal client’s persona is important because it allows you to:

  • Engage with clients by creating content around their needs, wants, behaviors, and expectations;
  • Build trust with the clients allowing  them to feel that their needs and wants are important and they well taken care of with the content that you create;
  • Know what their clients want and what they expect can also help with customizing the customer experience to create loyalty and repeat business;
  • Know how often are they going to need to buy that product or utilize the service. If you can be proactive with your outreach efforts around the time you know they will purchase, chances are the customer won’t look elsewhere;
  • Center your messaging and promotion around whether your clients are purchasing for themselves or for someone else;
  • Pinpoint their reason for purchasing your product or service, and lastly
  • Sell your product or service more effectively.


Factor 2

The SECOND factor to creating a successful lead magnet by knowing your competitor’s clients and what your competitors are offering to them is important because it allows you to:

  • Tailor a marketing strategy that will allow your products and services stand out;
  • Excel in areas that the competitors lack in giving you the advantage to improve your business and marketing strategy;
  • Get to know ways the competitors are interacting with their clients to help determine what works and doesn’t work through trial and error;
  • Learn about the competitor’s clients’ habits, lifestyles, preferences, and dislikes which can help with learning how to cater to your clients; and
  • Learn how long the clients of the competitors have been loyal to them and why will help with establishing a loyal relationship with your clients to create those same relationships.

There you have it. Now that you have a better understanding of what a lead magnet is and the two key factors to creating a lead magnet you can now be confident in creating content to allow you and your business to stand out.

You will also have the confidence to begin building your email list the attracts potential clients and position those potential clients to purchase your service or product.

What are some factors you take into consideration when creating lead magnets?

Until Next Time – Virtually Perfected

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