3 Amazing Dubsado Features That Will Save You Time, Impress Your Clients, & Grow Your Business!


Dubsado is one of the leading business management software systems that was built to save you time, impress your clients, and grow your business. Dubsado has a variety of features that help you reach and manage your clients and potential clients as well as stay on top of the tasks of your business. There are three amazing Dubsado features that you and your business can benefit from. They are Lead Management, Contracts and Forms, and Payment Processing. These features allow you to create a flawless system with the use of tools needed to nurture your captured lead, turning them into potential clients and then booked clients.

funnnnel leads

Dubsado’s makes lead generation a breeze! Dubsado’s lead management feature allows you to keep track of leads with lead funnels and know when to follow-up with those leads. Lead capture forms can be embedded on your website or shared on your social media platforms via link to be captured into Dubsado. Once the lead is captured Dubsado’s automated lead responses kicks into gear sending the lead, now potential client, the forms and emails according to what they selected within you lead capture. With Dubsado’s lead generation, no lead will be left behind!

contracts and forms.

When it’s time to make it official with your potential client, there are a variety of tools at your fingertips that can help you stay organized and look professional to your clients with Dubsado’s Contracts and Forms feature. Dubsado can easily be customized to fit your brand by uploading your businesses templates. Dubsado also has many templates that are at your disposal and can be customized according to your brand. Proposals and quotes can be created so that your clients can easily pick from the services you have made available to them. What is cool about this feature is that the proposal, the contract with the option of signing, and the invoice for payment are all sent in one form. With E-signature, Dubsado cuts out the printing, scanning, and emailing back and forth contract or other documents that may need a signature. Your client can conveniently sign online from their computers or their mobile devices. Once you have booked your clients, you can use Dubsado’s questionnaires to get to know their needs and wants for their business. Each of your clients can easily upload files to be shared with you using Dubsado’s client file uploader feature. When your work is complete and needs to be reviewed before being finalized, proofs can be sent to your clients to be signed off on.


After capturing your leads and turning them into potential clients, it’s time to turn them into #BOOKED&PAID clients. Dubsado’s payment processing makes it quick and easy to get paid. With Dubsado you can send invoices and get paid online in just a few clicks. Your clients have the option of paying your invoice on their mobile devices, computer, or tablet.  In addition to that, Dubsado is connected to third-party companies that give your clients the option of making payments online through PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Dubsado’s tip feature allows your clients to tip you for going above and beyond their needs and expectations. With the recurring invoicing feature Dubsado saves you precious time by sending recurring invoices to your clients week after week or month after month.  Clients also have the option of signing up for automatic deductions which are set up as a subscription. Another cool tool within Dubsado’s Payment & Processing feature are payment schedules and plans. With payment schedules and plans set up through Dubsado a payment will never be missed. Dubsado sends out reminders that are set up to automatically go out before payments are due making it easy for you and most importantly YOUR CLIENTS. Do you have clients or offer services internationally? Well, with Dubsado you can set up your payment process with the proper currency and languages for your client. In addition to Dubsado saving you ample time with its easy payment processing Dubsado also offers NO PROCESSING FEES saving you money. What does that mean, MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!


With Dubsado, all of the behind the scenes work clouding your to-do lists is taken care of with these three amazing Dubsado features. Lead management can help you reach and manage your leads turning those leads into clients in addition to staying on top of your current clients. With Dubsado’s Contracts and Forms features you can get to know the needs and wants of your client and their business. Dubsado’s payment processing makes is quick and easy to get paid for all your hard work. With different payment options and invoicing tools getting paid has never been so easy. With these three amazing streamlining tools you can save time, impress your clients, and get down to business all with the help of Dubsado!

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